About Us

We introduce ourselves as a Globally Recognized Brand ' VICTORIA CROSS'.

We are a small but focused group of individuals who like to refer ourselves as the custodians of the Brand in India which represents International Quality with Highly Competitive Pricing.

The Minds behind establishing 'Victoria Cross' in India have built & represented an International Brand in India over a period of 2 decades and everything that 'Victoria Cross' envelopes would be what has been learnt after extreme intent & observation over the last so many years.

In a hectic paced world of ours where New Brands, being introduced on a more than regular basis vie with some of the Most recognizable Logo's of the world, we put forth our approach as that of a Highly customer- centric theme. In an environment where either most of the global quality Brands tend to be out of the comfort of the price-friendly pocket on one hand, offer dismal quality against so-called competitive pricing, we represent products of high utility and recall factor.

Our endeavor of ensuring that as many individuals use our brand, compels us to have a top-bottom approach where the Entity at the top of the pile is the CUSTOMER. While many of the Best Brands while starting with a similar sentiment have tended to be pompous in their approach in the latter part of the years, we put our faith in this belief for all stages of a Product's shelf life.

Our offering would largely cover Various Usage categories like - Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Every-day Utility Accessories & Garments.